Ghost riders saddled up to catch there prey………

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Ghost Riders saddled up to catch there prey. Freedom is his only destination not knowing some 500 centuries later true freedom will still not be obtained.  The hounds catch there bait, rips and gnaws the flesh from the inside of his chest. Ghost Riders not satisfied with the near death expression on the victims face they tie his legs up and drag him to the rope that swings. His pregnant wife screams proud and strong ‘we shall be free’. Ghost Rider number two takes his hunting knife and stabs her belly and she wails as he cuts an incision around her insides and pulls her baby out as he’s yelling. Ghost Rider number three drags her limp body to the rope that swings and you can hear her neck crack. I’m not quite yet done with this beastly scene. Babies lungs are strong and his cry echo’s in the dreary woods yet, the ghost riders thirst for blood makes his stomach growl and he desires more to fulfill his appetite. He throws the child to ghost rider number three where he places the harmless baby boy on the rope that swings. My grandfather witnessed the whole thing for he was a little boy hiding not wanting to be seen, sent to fetch some wood and came across this grotesque scene.

The year’s 2015 and the ghost riders colors metamorphis from white to blue. Ghost riders took off their hoods and handed a badge and told “it’s all good’. No longer riding horses but driving cars that flash lights of red and blue.  Back then you were given the courtesy and reminded daily of your capture and enslavement . The hunger pains in your belly, open blisters from the shackles intertwined between your ankles and the roots that grew full grown oak trees on your back. Mental shackles replace those made of iron with a grip so tight, it blinds us from seeking………

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